What is an Adwords Specialist?

An Adwords Specialist is perhaps one of the least defined specialties in advertising and is often used to describe anyone from a first-job-out-of-college person to a jack-of-all-online-advertising-trades person to someone who uses Adwords as a tool to grow revenues and profit.

So what makes a good Adwords specialist?

A good AdWords Specialist is someone who:

  1. Keeps up to date with the latest developments

    Google is constantly adding new features and functionality to the AdWords system, while competing advertising networks like Bing, Amazon, and others are constantly working hard to chip away at Google’s market leading position. By keeping up with the latest developments across the online advertising market, a good AdWords specialist has more knowledge and is more likely to maximize your return on investment.

  2. Is Knowledgeable enough to tell you why you should or shouldn’t use the latest AdWords features

    Keeping in mind that Google is a for-profit company, a good AdWords specialist can objectively develop a test plan to determine whether a new AdWords feature is a beneficial or detrimental to your bottom line. As always, it’s better to test than to assume.

  3. Embraces more than just bread-and-butter search campaigns

    There are so many different ways to advertise on the Google AdWords platform outside of the standard Google Search ads, including Gmail ads, highly targeted display advertising, and call-only ads, video ads, etc. If your account is solely focused on standard search, you’re likely missing out on highly profitable advertising opportunities.

  4. Can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes

    In a system as complicated as AdWords, it is easy for an inexperienced AdWords Specialist to make mistakes that could cause you to burn advertising dollars with no hope of a return on investment. If you’re interested, here are the Top 10 Google AdWords Management Pitfalls.

  5.  Uses software as a tool rather than a crutch

    There are any number of AdWords focused advertising software packages that are available to agencies and companies alike, and a good AdWords specialist will use the software that either enhances the overall advertising return on investment or maximizes the utility and ability for the AdWords Specialist to manage and maintain the account. In fact, Google publishes desktop software called “Google AdWords Editor” that is an excellent tool for building, expanding and maintaining your AdWords account and it’s absolutely free.

  6. Has business experience outside of paid search

    An AdWords specialist with experience or education outside of paid search will be able to see the bigger picture, which gives them the ability to ask the right questions prior to developing new advertising campaigns. By understanding the company’s overall marketing strategy, the AdWords campaigns can be designed to support and supplement other marketing initiatives, such as offline or online promotions or other product placements.

  7. Reports on Return On Investment rather than impressions and clicks

    Impressions and clicks are certainly important, but the goal is to get the right impressions and clicks — those that will generate online revenue, sales leads, webinar registrations, etc. By focusing on the goals and constantly improving the advertising plan, an AdWords specialist can certainly add value above and beyond their expense.

  8. Focuses on long-term success rather than short-term promises

    The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” holds true in the arena of online advertising, especially when building out a new advertising account for a startup company or a company that is diving into AdWords advertising for the first time. A good AdWords specialist will take a few months to hone a new advertising account by testing various ad types, ad texts, display ads, and landing pages. A great AdWords Specialist will tell you that it will take months to accomplish this task up front, properly setting expectations of everyone involved.

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