Advertising on Adwords is easy…

Profitably advertising on Adwords while growing revenue is hard.

Incremental Year-Over-Year Revenue increase within 6-months of working with Chris

Incremental Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase within 6 months of working with Chris Venable

Using Chris Venable to profitably advertise on Adwords is a wise investment.

– Stuart Wallock
Chief Marketing Officer of SkyVenture

Chris Venable ppc sem adwordsChris Venable

I enable companies to generate more profit from Adwords.

There are many ways to generate traffic from Adwords, but only a few that will funnel qualified traffic that converts into leads and sales. I will work with you to first understand how your company makes money. Once I thoroughly understand your specific business model, I will work tirelessly to leverage your company’s competitive advantages to increase sales and profit.

Here’s how it works:

Chris Venable SEM PPC Adwords
Chris Venable’s
online marketing experience includes:

General Motors
Home Depot
Kraft Foods
Over the past 15 years, I have successfully added millions in incremental revenue and profit for my clients.
Now, I’m giving away a one hour consultation each day
to companies who want to learn more about how to
profitably advertise with Adwords.
Ask me any questions and I will give you the best answers I can based on years of personally managing PPC accounts.
Don’t know exactly what to ask? No problem — we can dive right into your Adwords account to quickly and easily identify ways to improve your profitability.

Current PPC Monthly Spend:

Thanks! Free hour of consulting is scheduled at 4pm EST / 1pm PST each day and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified companies.
Hurry! Only the first qualified company will be able to reserve today’s free hour of Adwords internet marketing consulting.

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